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Underlings of Underwing™

Underlings of Underwing (game) $38
Underlings of Underwing Group Play Mat $22
Underlings of Underwing Group Play Mat $22


Latin: Core Set $28
Latin: Expansion I (Ablative Absolute & Indirect Statement) $15
Latin: Expansion II (Subjunctive Clauses) $15
Latin: Expansion III (Additional Nouns) $15
Latin: Expansion IV (Latinitas Recens Nouns) $20
Latin: Blank Set of Reusable Cards $10
Español: Core Set (Spanish) $27
Español: Expansion I (Novice Sentence Pack) $15
Español: Expansion II (Additional Nouns) $20
Français: Core Set (French) $30
中文 - Zhōngwén: Core Set (Chinese) $30
English: Core Set $30
English: Expansion I (Aditional Nouns) $20



Classics $25
Classics Junior $15
Rome $15
Greece $15
Heroes of Myth Expansion $6
Works & Wonders Expansion $6
Dawn of the Republic (U.S. History) $15
Life Science $15
Healthcare $15