The Pericles Group


Everybody’s talking about gamification this and gamification that, but as far as we can tell, it’s all just different brands of chocolate-covered broccoli.

We want winning the game and learning about, say, Rome to be the same thing.

Our card game, CARD-tamen™, is part of that effort. Most of what we do is on the web — students as operatives on secret missions to save civilization. . . learning Latin to read a crucial inscription. . . deciding based on their reading whether to vote for or against Socrates in ancient Athens. You can read all about our practomimetic (“game-based”) Latin curriculum under the ‘Operation LAPIS‘ link on the home page.

CARD-tamen™ is a little bit different, and we’re incredibly excited about it because it’s something students–heck, anybody–can hold. The idea is simple: players must learn about the people and places on the cards in order to participate in and win epic battles of wits and rhetoric about, for example, whether Cicero or Augustus contributed more to the growth of civilization. Players have two minutes to provide the most compelling argument as to why their chosen CARD wins a controversy selected by a d20 roll from a list provided with the game.

But it doesn’t just stop with the Classical world. We are continuously developing, with the aid of content specialists, decks for additional content areas. We've released a Life Science deck in addition to the Rome and Greece decks.

We hope that you’ll be as excited about the possibilities for play and learning in and out of the classroom as we are. Be sure to explore the different CARD-tamen™ decks that are available for purchase on our products page.