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Classroom Facts at a Glance – Operation LAPIS

  • Registration for student-licenses available for purchase now!

  • Designed as a stand-alone product, but compatible with any traditional textbook series.

  • Scope and Sequence spanning a typical two to three year curriculum in a high school setting (equivalent to four college semesters) and preparing students for Caesar and Vergil.

  • Appropriate for use in classrooms from middle school to undergraduate.

  • Cost: $10 per student per year with volume reductions available (see Institutional Ordering page for more details).

  • Tech requirements: internet connection, modern browser (such as Chrome, Firefox, Safari, or Internet Explorer), or an internet-enabled iOS/Android device.

  • Compatabile with almost every platorm for collaboration; Google Classroom, Drive, Edmodo, etc.

  • A full (and free) trial of the first two missions is available: contact Kevin for more details.

We are pleased to offer Operation LAPIS for classroom-use. Operation LAPIS can serve as an accompaniment to a more traditional textbook or, ideally, as a stand-alone curriculum. See the information to be found elsewhere on this site for more information, and don’t hesitate to contact Kevin Ballestrini ( with specific questions.

Materials for Operation LAPIS will be made available to instructors on a the Agent's Field Guide. This is a set-up guide, resource center, and community forum for instructors using Operation LAPIS.

Operation LAPIS will be priced at $10 per student per year with a sliding discount based on number of students enrolled. Please contact Kevin Ballestrini to discuss the possibilities.

At this time, we are accepting registrations, with payment, depending on number of student-users, to be due at the conclusion of your trial period. Operation LAPIS runs on a subscription model so that the cost of entry will be low and so that instructors and students have instant access to the improvements we are constantly making in the program.

You are under no obligation to purchase access to Operation LAPIS, but it will of course be necessary for instructors to familiarize themselves with the Operation LAPIS materials before they begin.


  • LAPIS is complicated. Like any good game, LAPIS’ rules are designed with a complexity that will keep the interest of the player.

  • It will take time, and work, to learn how to play (that is, to learn in) LAPIS. Your students have never had a learning experience like this. Plan to give yourself and your students time to figure it out.

  • Collaboration is essential. Once the operation starts, students’ collaboration with their teams is the most important vehicle for their learning.