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You arrive for your first day of Latin class. At first it seems no different from any other class you’ve ever started. How can you know that from this moment forward your world will change completely? Or that you will be responsible for helping to save civilization from forces seeking to destroy it?

Operation LAPIS™

Operation LAPIS is a two-year introductory curriculum in Roman civilization and the Latin language in the form of mission to save the world by learning how to find and read a crucial inscription. As a member of a team of operatives controlling young Romans in a text-based simulation of the ancient world, you will need to gain the skills that will let you locate and analyze the LAPIS SAECULORUM: the stone of the ages.



CARD-tamen™, which comes in several editions, each tailored to a different learning-domain, is The Pericles Group's stand-alone card game that plays a role also in our practomimetic curricula like Operation LAPIS and Operation BIOME. Players win the game by constructing a persuasive argument about the subject matter in relation to a controversial topic; thus, as with all The Pericles Group's practomimetic products, learning objective and play objective come together to foster authentic learning.


Latin Scansion™

Latin Scansion, a new release for iPad and iPhone, provides instaneous feedback for scanning selected lines of Latin poetry. It's simple and intuitive interface means it is easy to pick up but hard to put down. Battle with your friends across multiple modes of play, including challenges, timers, streaks, and Game Center integration.


Operation CAESAR™

Operation CAESAR is an advanced Latin course aligned with the new Latin AP standards. As a member of a team controlling a fresh recruit in one of Augustus' legions, you will need to gain the ability to read and analyze advanced texts from Caesar, Vergil, Suetonius, Cicero, and more. However reading is not enough; you will also have to apply the cultural and historical information you've gained to put to rest a virus in the TSTT manefesting itself as the Ghost of the Divine Julius bent on ensuring history "gets it right."


Operation BIOME™

Operation BIOME is a full-year game-based (practomimetic) course in biology. Over the course of eight major missions, students collaboratively work to recover a legendary artifact, the Genetic Codex, which contains the genetic information of every organism that has ever lived. This makes the students' end goal -- the ability to interpret the importance and influence of DNA on all life -- the same from both narrative and academic perspectives.


Other Projects

The Pericles Group is developing further practomimetic curricula, with the crucial help of domain experts. In addition to the sequel to Operation LAPIS, designed for the new Latin AP standards, Operation CAESAR, look for courses in Greek civilization (Operation MENIS), and units in English Language Arts like Operation CANTERBURY and the first installment of Operation GLOBE (Romeo and Juliet) in the future.

Coming Soon